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(we need to talk about how it is going to be done)
1- "SLOT 1" for  :iconnatamin:
0/1 Working on the sketch.
2- "SLOT 2" for  :iconfrankyboy66:
3- "SLOT 3" for  :icongh0st-of-Ronin:
:iconreptileye:reptileye 5 26
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Mezzy and Gemna Play with a Hypno-Pad by Mezzberry
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Horizon goes to Helconia by GoddessAstrola
Mature content
Horizon goes to Helconia :icongoddessastrola:GoddessAstrola 4 2
Commision info! (OPEN)
before you take my commission, you should know that this is clearly an anime artstyle 2D drawing,
I will do:
 Male/female, DiD scene, fanart, your original characters, OC design (front,side,back views), game characters, others (just tell me if you want to be sure)
I won't do : GiD (absolutely not!, antrho (with bondage, so non bondage are fine) nude people, yaoi/yuri, adult thing(18+) or something like that
+ Payments with paypal only (no points) AFTER I finish the rough sketch and that you confirmed it.
+ Payments in $USD. (Use friend/family option to avoid paypal fees)
+ I have the right to post the final product whenever I want (2 days or more), with characters copyrighted to you, but I won't make money out of the drawing and you neither.
No refunds. I won't completely redo a commission if you're not satisfied at the end. Small adjustments are fine, just tell me any modifications you want. <
:iconcailin020:cailin020 8 22
schoolgirl captive by cailin020 schoolgirl captive :iconcailin020:cailin020 473 16
2k Raffle: PinUp of your OC!
Thats's it! I've been drawing some OC's lately and I know there's a lot of you that have really cool and sexy OC's
So to thank you for over 2000 watchers I'm holding this raffle.
Star PRIZE Star

The winner will recieve a 3/4 body drawing of his or her OC
It will include a Clothed version and a Nude version.


:bulletred: OC = Original Character! You must have a spreadsheet or art, or reference of some kind.
:bulletred: Your OC has to be a woman! That's it, I draw sexy women.
:bulletorange: By woman I mean over 18!
:bulletred: Your OC has to be Human or Humanoid. No animals!
:bulletorange: I will draw ears, tails, wings, etc. But face and features have to be human.
:iconmartaino:martaino 113 293
Custom Commissions by stourangeau Custom Commissions :iconstourangeau:stourangeau 12 2 Stream Lineart - Anabel Spanks Sailor Uranus by Humite-Ubie
Mature content
Stream Lineart - Anabel Spanks Sailor Uranus :iconhumite-ubie:Humite-Ubie 95 10
COMMISSION: Schoolgirl Harems by jadenkaiba COMMISSION: Schoolgirl Harems :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 661 23 Commission 326 - Smithnikov by bramhistory Commission 326 - Smithnikov :iconbramhistory:bramhistory 112 7 Okinu Commission by animusubi Okinu Commission :iconanimusubi:animusubi 33 8
Animusubi Commission Info

$10 Palette Theme Busts - Choose a palette and a character!

$15-$20 Color Busts - Light shading.

$30 Waist Up - Light shading.


$40-$50 Pinups - Light shading.
+ + +
I draw humanoids (humans, kemonomimi, monster girls, etc).  I do not draw furries.
Note or email animusubi[at]gmaildotcom (email is preffered, but note me first before emailing)
Payment upfront.Paypal only.  You will be invoiced.
Timeframe is dependent on what you are ordering, and how many orders I currently have.  It can be discussed, quick deadlines will be charged more.
Thank you!
+ + +
BONUS: I am selling a "Made in the 80's" anime shirt, which you can
:iconanimusubi:animusubi 3 2



Headmistress Azalia
ThemeAdesso e Fortuna (English Long Version)
Record of Lodoss War OST

A new character has appeared, Headmistress Azalia Porfiria Tuverant, the principal of the Saint Martin School. A millenian old elf of undetermined race (has light skin and silver hair, but has black eyes with yellow irises) had quite an interesting live, even when her race decided to remain on the spiritual world, far away from humanity, she felt attracted to the human way of life.
When young she not only witnessed the raise and fall of several human kingdoms, but she has even participated on several wars, not really being a full ally of one side or another, she was just there for the thrill of fight, the development of new weaponry and how it was used against the enemy, one could say that the more advanced the civilization was, it was most likelly she would be there just to tes the new weponry.

Does this makes her evil? well, from the human point of view, one could say yes, but the thing is that she is an Elf, not a human, or at least at first, back then, she didn't had any empathy for humans, just liked to use any new weapon the humans created, the creativity of this creatures was something she loved. Even if elves could be considered superior to humans on several things, creativity was something humans did way better than elves.

There are rumors that several countries have on their archives proof that this elf was active on more recent wars, Germany has pictures of what it looks like an elf piloting a brittish Sopwith Camel in World War I, there re pictures of her fighting alongside republicans on the Spanish Civil War, a German pilot reported seeing a beautiful woman with long ears flying a Hawker Hurricane during the battle of Britain in World War II, and years later, flying a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 during the Korean War.

During this time, Azalia began to feel more and more connected to humans and understand more of their feelings, she was by this time, more human than elf, in the sense that she hardly had time to go back to the spiritual world, and passed more time among humans, especially during the late 60's, early 70's, whrn she was part of an American Squadron during the Vietnam War, were she flew for the last time on her favourite fighter-bomber, the Republic F-105 Thunderchief, where she used her elf abilities to survive enemy dogfights, but she could hardly celebrate to be alive, when the rest of her squadron ended being killed.

This was an important moment on her life, she wanted to move on, to do smething more than just fight just for the sake of it, after the war ended, she was clueless of what to do, in fact, she never though thagt she would become the headmistress of a school, even less of what back in 1974 was considered a low class one.

Still, miss Azalea prevailed, not without problems, of course, one thing was the battlefield and the other was school (although sometimes looks like it is), as years passed, she became the headmistress of the Saint Martin School, transforming the once low class institute in one of the most respected institutions of the country, Azalia feels that her years of experience can help all the students on her school to became succesful in the future.

But dont think that because she has retired from the battefield she has become weak, on the countraire, not only she still remember to fight with swords and shields, she has also became an amazing marksman with guns, which she can summon using arcane magic, and she still is an excellent pilot, rumors say that on her school, deep down the institute, there is a secret hangar where she still keep maintaining her old F-105 Thunderchief, even using some arcane elf magic on it, so it still be as functional as it was back in the 70's.

She can be strict when it's necessary, but she still is a loved figure among the students and the institute staff, being seen as a motherly figure, and like a mother, threat any student on her watch and she will make you know how what fear really is.


NameAzalia Porfiria Tuverant

Age: Unknown, possibly more than a millenia.

Race: Elf, but there is no data of what kind of Elf she is, possibly mestizo.

Habilities: Has the abilities of elves of her race, being practically inmortal (but still can be killed by weapons, especially made of hard iron), skilled sorceres, years of experience on several wars made her an excellent marksman and pilot, heightened sight and hearing, average strenght of a person of her height and physical condition, has an empathing communication with nature, decent cook, can increase her charisma to the point of being as effective as using mind control, but she doesn't like to use that hability unless it's a desperate situation. Using magic, she can alter her physique to look more human. Has a mesmerizing voice that can rival those of a mermaid.

Loves 80's music and has an addiction to chocolate. She is Anabel and Sabrine's boss. 

Martaino has open a raffle pin-up, if you want to check it out, go to the link, also, take your time to watch his cool art!…

Also, I'm tagging :iconnidavellirstudios: give the guy a visit and say hello.
Great Teacher Anabel. (GTA)
Song: Matsuno Household
Osomatsu-san OST

"Thrust me, it's for your own good, Amelie" *chuckles* 

Miss Anabel can be strict (really strict), but she does beleive that anyone can grow up to be successfull with good education, (even a tomboyish little brat like Amelie) so she will be sure her students became successfull, even if she have to be a little rough. 

No wonder why she is called "Miss Ogrebel" when she's not looking.

Amelie belongs to :iconeio-eio-eio: Awesome art made by :icondakuroihoshi: Anabel belongs to yours trully :iconmexigojira:
Martaino has open a raffle pin-up, if you want to check it out, go to the link, also, take your time to watch his cool art!…

Also, I'm tagging :iconnidavellirstudios: give the guy a visit and say hello.




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